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$0.16  (  30 Jul 2017 )
less than $0.112246   ( 23 Aug 2018 )
$1,35  ( 03 Jan 2018 )
342.7 M1 B

Civic (CVC) is a decentralized identity ecosystem, allowing the request to verify the identity of the user safe and cost-effective way, which became possible thanks to the blockchain technology. Using the digital identification platform, the user can create his / her own virtual identity and store it together with personal information on the device.

Civic builds an ecosystem that is designed to facilitate on-demand access, safe and affordable access to services verify the identity of the individual (IDV) through the blockchain, so that the test check on the basis of background and personal information no longer need to do from scratch each time.

Example of use: the company offers a free sale of goods, which is only suitable for us citizens. The company collaborates with Civic and provides a QR code (or something like that) that verifies whether the giveaway participants are US citizens. Participants who have account Civic can verify the information using their civic account without providing the documents evidencing that he is a citizen of the United States.
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