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$0.67  (  07 Aug 2015 )
less than $0.42   ( 22 Oct 2015 )
$1,385.02  ( 14 January 2018 )
101.059 M101,059,000

Ethereum (pronounced /e.tɛ.ʁœm/3) is a decentralized exchange protocol that enables users to create intelligent contracts using Turing-complete language. These smart contracts are based on a computer protocol to verify or implement a mutual contract, they are deployed and publicly available in the blockchain.

Ethereum uses a unit of account called Ether as a means of payment of these contracts. Its corresponding acronym, used by the exchange platforms, 
is "ETH". Ethereum is the second largest decentralized cryptographic currency with a capitalization of more than 100 billion euros.

In July 2016, the Ethereum development team had to proceed with a hard fork after a successful attack by a group of hackers on an Ether investment fund called The DAO (in) (organization) in which nearly 3,641,694 ETH (more than 5% of the total amount of the cryptocurrency in circulation) were diverted 
to an address not controlled by the members of The DAO5. This hard fork has made it possible to cancel the hijacking and to return its funds to the decentralized autonomous organization. Nevertheless, this change did not gather an absolute consensus and a small part of the community did not implement this change which led to the formation of two chains of separate blocks: the official one with monetary unit Aether (symbol: ETH) 
and its spin-off with for monetary unit the classical Ether (symbol: ETC) .

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