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The 5 largest bitcoin wallets belong to crypto-exchanges

The 5 "richest" Bitcoin addresses are - not surprisingly - owned by the cryptosphere crypto currency exchange platforms.

According to Bitinfoschart website data, the 5 most well-stocked Bitcoin portfolios belong to the most well-known 
crypto-exchanges, Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, Bitstamp and Bittrex.

The Bitfinex platform - which supports the Tether Stablecoin (USDT) - is displayed in the first position with an address containing a total of 138,661 BTC, or nearly 486 million euros at the current price.

Binance comes in second place, the crypto-stock exchange most used in the world was originally in pole position but has recently been downgraded following the separation of its funds on several Bitcoin addresses.

We then find the Singapore exchange Huobi, the Luxembourg platform Bitstamp and finally the American exchanger Bittrex.

Finally, we can observe that the distribution of bitcoins is rather unequal in general. The vast majority of Bitcoin wallets have less than 1 BTC or 22 million addresses against only 200,000 addresses with more than 1 BTC.

Earlier this year, Forbes posted a ranking of the richest characters in cryptocurrencies. Binance's founder, Changpeng Zhao, was at the top of the ranking, followed by Joseph Lubin, co-creator of Ethereum and Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen.

Doubts Surface Over $500 Million Binance Coin (BNB) Transactions for Only 3 Cents, CEO Issues Clarification

The Twitter handle of Whale Alert, a popular cryptocurrency wallet tracker, found a strange and suspicious incident that took place on Wednesday night. Whale Alert started to record million-dollar transaction taking place in quick succession. Initially, all the transfers seemed normal as they were basically ERC-20 token transfers.

However, as Whale Alert continued to monitor the transactions and tweet simultaneously, the possibility that ‘something ain’t right’ came to the surface.

Whale Alert reported that 98,776,172 Binance Coins (BNB), worth a whopping $512 million, are transferred from Binance to other “unknown address”. Furthermore, the data on Etherscan shows that the huge amount was transferred for just $0.03 gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain network. 

This clearly underscores the core ethos of cryptocurrencies being a border-less, near-instant, decentralized, and trestles medium of value.

Nearly Entire Market Cap of Binance Coins Moved

As the crypto community was alerted by ‘Whale Alert’, a popular crypto-fanatic, analyst and commentator @IamNomad joked that Binance Coin’s “entire market cap moved,”. 
Taking a dig at Binance, he further asked whether the transaction was linked to the exchange use of its “new cold wallets”.

He also roped-in Binance’s support team to get an answer on this suspicious transactions. 
Nomad said that the support team assured that “fundos are SAFU” meaning that the funds 
are safe referring to popular crypto joke for 2018.

But not being satisfied with the answer, Noman made another tweet tagging Binance CEO Changing Zhao. Nomad tweeted: 
“Binance support says "fundos are safu" but not going into details. New infrastructure ? Bitgo,? Rekt? @cz_binance @binance”

Soon as the matter got heated, Binance CEO responded to it saying that the address in question, that currently holds nearly 
$1.2 billion in ERC-20 tokens, is part of the exchange’s efforts to step-up its operational security.

Zhao tweeted: “Nothing to worry about. Check the tx logs, plenty of tx FROM the new address TO our old wallets. No need to spread FUD. We are constantly working on beefing up our security even more.”

Binance Unleashes The True Power of High-Value Crypto Transactions At Low Cost

For now, it looks like the case is almost settled. However, this is not for the first time that such huge-value transaction occurred 
at such a low cost. 
Two weeks back, Binance facilitated a record-breaking transaction worth $600 million or 109,000 BTC at the transfer fee of just $8.

Nasdaq’s Bitcoin Futures Could Launch in Q1 2019, Says Bloomberg

Major U.S. stock exchange Nasdaq still intends to launch Bitcoin futures and could do so as soon as Q1 2019, Bloomberg reported Nov. 27.
Quoting “two people familiar with the matter,” the publication said momentum was building towards a potential launch early next year.
The move comes despite the downturn in Bitcoin (BTC) prices to 13-month lows, marking the tail end of a testing year for existing Bitcoin futures products.
According to the two unnamed sources, Nasdaq “has been working to satisfy the concerns of the U.S.’s main swaps regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission [CFTC], before launching the contracts.”
Just over a year ago, the exchange first suggested it would launch futures by mid-2018, making the announcement shortly after CBOE and CME Group set the launch date for the industry’s first such futures at the end of November 2017.
The plans did not go ahead, and Nasdaq’s offering will likely now come to market later than multiple major competitors in traditional finance, including the Intercontinental Exchange’s Bakkt, which should launch physical Bitcoin futures Jan. 24.
Regulatory and other preparations had forced executives to delay the rollout by around six weeks.
The enthusiasm from Nasdaq suggests the recent volatility in Bitcoin prices does not concern Wall Street, with CME in October likewise reporting interest in them had markedly increased quarter on quarter this year.
Nasdaq, the sources added to Bloomberg today, is “betting on sustained interest” going forward.

Nice: it sells its bitcoins 2 million euros and ends up with a suitcase of counterfeit notes

A South Korean national was scammed by counterfeit currency. One of the crooks was indicted and detained.

As in a thriller, with the hotel Negresco as a backdrop and a suitcase stuffed with banknotes changing hands. A fortnight ago in Nice, a 
South Korean businessman thought he was making a juicy deal by trading his bitcons - a virtual currency with a very volatile price that 
flared at 
the beginning of the year - against hard cash .

See you in the palace of the Promenade-des-Anglais. The cryptocurrency is transferred as agreed to a bank account of the buyers, 
who in return 
exchange the cash to the seller. Two million euros in notes ... which will prove fake coarse indicates to France 3 Côte d'Azur 
the public prosecutor 
of Nice, Jean-Michel Prêtre, confirming the information published by Nice-Matin.

The technique is very simple: you are offered to invest in Bitcoins, the amount is very attractive, and we pay you with counterfeit currency,
insists the public prosecutor of Nice.

One of the crooks, a Serb living in France, was arrested by the judicial police. He has just been indicted for swindling gang
organized and held and put into circulation counterfeit notes. He was remanded in custody. His alleged accomplice is still wanted.

Sources: Images via StartedCrypto , Celebrates 2.5 Million Wallets Created in Less Than a Year

This week reached a milestone of a whopping 2.5 million Wallets created in less than a year. Since we started our web portal 
we’ve focused on providing people with world-class resources that fit every bitcoiner’s needs and our simple-to-use wallet is no different.

Also read: and Bolster Spending Giving New Shoppers $10 in BCH

The 2.5 Million Milestone is the First Step Towards Our Goal to Provide a World-Class Cryptocurrency Wallet to Billions of People
The Wallet was launched on August 25, 2017, just a few weeks after the Bitcoin blockchain split that took place on August 1. Since then 
our light client that supports both Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) has become very popular and the amount of wallets created in so little time 
has been thrilling to watch. We think that the popularity of our wallet is due to the fact it is so easy to use, and you can send bitcoin wherever you are in 
the world. Not only that but our lightning fast wallet is safe and secure while at the same time allowing individuals to hold their private keys in a 
non-custodial fashion.

The Wallet can be downloaded for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Further, the Wallet comes with a myriad of features that allow individuals to do more than just send and receive cryptocurrencies. 
The Wallet is also tethered to our first class blockchain explorer so you can verify all of your transactions. Moreover, we provide real-time 
charts, and a portal where you can purchase bitcoins effortlessly. Our client also enables users to create shared wallets that utilize the innovation of 
multi-signature technology. Meanwhile,’s wallet provides a shapeshifting feature where users can swap between BCH and BTC 
effortlessly by utilizing the popular Shapeshift API.’s wallet product manager, Alfonso Rocha, was pumped to see how popular the client has become and he believes 2.5 million wallets 
created in eleven months is a landmark occasion.

“We are so pleased that 2.5 million wallets have been created. It just shows how many people find our wallet useful and proves that it’s the best place 
to use and store their bitcoin cash — People trust us,” Rocha detailed.

We are also continuously working every day to make sure we have the best wallet out there. The quality of what we produce is as important to us as 
it is to our customers.

Increase the security of your funds by sharing wallets with multi-signature technology, or effortlessly change cryptocurrencies using the integrated 
Shapeshift API.
Open Source and Available for Your Operating System Today
Alongside all these features, the Wallet is open source so individuals can review the client’s source code on Github at any time. 
So if you are looking for an easy-to-use bitcoin wallet that allows you to store your own private keys then the Wallet is the perfect choice 
for your storage needs. The innovative light client is available today for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows and OS X devices.

Here’s a rundown of just a few of the benefits the Wallet offers:

Multiple wallet creation and management in-app
Creates both Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) wallets by default
Intuitive, multi-signature security for personal or shared wallets
Easy spending proposal flow for shared wallets and group payments
BIP32 Hierarchical deterministic (HD) address generation and wallet backups
Device-based security: all private keys are stored locally, not in the cloud
Customizable wallet naming and background colors
Multiple languages supported
Support for over 150 currency pricing options and unit denomination in BTC or bits.
Lightning fast transactions.
Have you tried the Wallet? Let us know what you think about the wallet in the comment section below.

Sources: Images via Shutterstock, and 

Bitcoin worth $20 billion has been misplaced or inaccessible, but there is hope

In 2010, when bitcoin was valued at around $10 dollars, cryptocurrency investors bought out of curiosity without paying much attention to how much their curiosity would be worth as the years progressed. This led them to misplace, forget, or ignore the passwords. 
Due to these, bitcoin worth $20 billion has been misplaced or inaccessible.

As observed by a New York City blockchain analysis company, Chainalysis, close to 20 billion US dollars’ worth of bitcoin is currently permanently lost.
The situation has been made worse by the lack of a central organization like a bank that can reset your wallet password in case you forgot or misplaced it like in the case of an ATM pin.

“Now that the currency is trading around $6,000, a waylaid slip of paper, misplaced USB drive or damaged hard drive containing a password could be the key to a small fortune.” Noted Wall Street Journal.

To help regain the unique complex passwords that you once thought you’ll never forget, a group of individuals has emerged offering recovery services with varying degrees of success.

Apart from the most notable ones where they reconstruct the damaged hard drives, in case that is where you had stored the password, there are others who only ask you a few questions of the things you remember regarding the password, then they use specialized systems to flash out your password.

One such firm is Wallet Recovery Services which operates online and recovers the passwords plus corrupted cryptocurrency wallets. The firm uses a “brute-force attempt at decryption.” They generate and try-out millions of probable passwords.

With a success rate of about 30 percent, the more information you remember e.g how many characters the password had, the higher the chances of regaining access to your digital wallet.

If you consider the above method as a greater risk since the firm will be the first to have access to your long lost digital wallet access, you can remember the password by yourself. Of course, you have been trying with no success. But there’s hypnotherapy.

A hypnotist will assist you to recreate your memory making you remember things you thought you had forgotten.

According to Jason Miller, a hypnotist, “everybody has a photographic memory. With skilled hypnotic regression, you can access that photograph.” Miller has a 50 percent success rate.

Sources: cryptolinenews - image via Started Crypto

Facebook Ads Relaxes Ban on Cryptocurrency Advertising

Facebook is easing its ban – sort of – on ads related to cryptocurrency.

The social media giant has launched a "cryptocurrency products and services onboarding request" form that will allow some companies to get their ads on the platform, according to a blog post published Tuesday.

Facebook, however, won't allow advertisements for initial coin offerings or binary options. The prohibition on these remains in effect months after Facebook first took action against crypto-ads in a move that was followed by similar actions by Twitter, Google and other major sites.

The request sheet shows that the social media company wants specifics on the kinds of services companies wishing to advertise offer. For example, Facebook asks whether companies have the relevant licenses in order to operate, or if they are a publicly-listed company. Facebook has also published a legal addendum outlining its policy toward cryptocurrency ads.

Notably, the social media company suggested that its policy could see additional tweaks in the future.

Rob Leathern, product management director for Facebook, wrote in the blog post:

"Given these restrictions, not everyone who wants to advertise will be able to do so. But we'll listen to feedback, look at how well this policy works and continue to study this technology so that, if necessary, we can revise it over time."

The move has won early plaudits from the cryptocurrency PR space.

Trey Ditto, the founder of Ditto PR, a crypto public relations firm, described Facebook's shift as "the first step in allowing credible blockchain projects, crypto companies and ICOs to get in front of new potential customers and investors."

"This will be a big boost for Facebook advertising revenue as the majority of projects out there are interested – and have the money – to run paid ads," Ditto added.

Sources: coindesk - image via Shutterstock

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